High Speed Broadband During Next Washington Island Activation Trip!

Fantastic news, during the next Washington Island WI-001L Island Trip I will be able to use High Speed Wireless from the Island’s Motorola Canopy Broadband.

Before Full Island Coverage by DCWIS (Map is BEFORE coverage expansion)

Provided by ISP (Internet Service Provider) DCWIS, the W9EVT/WI9DX Shack is now outfitted to use this system as nearly its highest through-put.

This will be luxury comapred the the very weather sensitive and stumbling Satellite Internet that was the only option to Dial Up on the North Coast of the Island.

Though the South Coast and Main Village on the Island have had the DCWIS Wireless available for several years, the recent commissioning of new towers has brought Broadband to the less populated areas of the Island.

The cost is about the same as my home broadband service – http://www.dcwis.com/ISP/Wireless/

This will mean an opportunity for real time logging to LoTW, eQSL and to the iChat system I use to keep in touch with relatives and friends around the world!

It also opens up opportunities for a linked-repeater project for the Island – something we will be talking about in earnest when I am next on the Island in a few weeks.

It is nice to be in the “Fast Lane” even when staying in a remote location!



4 thoughts on “High Speed Broadband During Next Washington Island Activation Trip!

  1. k9zw says:

    Note – Map is what the coverage was before the additional towers came online.



  2. Skywire says:

    I have a home on the east side of the island, and get no wireless access whatsoever, even on the clearest days. I have to drive to the library area to get a signal. Can you tell me why this might be, and if the Electric Coop is still planning to provide high speed Internet access?

  3. k9zw says:

    I am told that the east side of the Island came on-line with the DCWIS Motorola Canopy System recently.

    We had exceptional reception on Swenson Road during our visit last week.

    Please be clear that the new Wireless System requires a subscription and hardware. It is NOT like pulling up to the Island Library and letting your laptop hook to their Wireless LAN.

    At the Swenson Road QTH the antenna is up 40 ft, so it clears the cedars. You may need to do the same.

    As for the Island Co-op’s BPL service, they would be your best point of contact. I am unaware of anything happening with the BPL, nor does the Island Electrical Co-op seem to have even a demo set-up that a person can see running.

    Your contacts respectively would be:

    http://www.dcwis.com and the Island Electrical Co-op (look on your bill for their phone number, I don’t think they have a website).



  4. […] I’d written about the huge improvement the DCWIS system had brought – “High Speed Broadband During Next Washington Island Activation Trip!” […]

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