LoTW Seems to have Worked

On the good news side, my efforts to get K9ZW, K9ZW/9-WI-001L and K9ZW/9-WI-039R into LoTW is going well.

I had some trouble with the “tq6” certificate Logbook of the World had sent, though once I resaved it from the email I was able to get it to work.  I am a bit puzzled why they would file-attach certificates as in-line attachments in a mime 7bit format.  OS-X “Mail” email program didn’t like it at all, and I had to go to the Webmail version to get at the file attachment at all. 

 Now for the bad news. With part of the QSO having been uploaded,  it really doesn’t seem to have been worth the effort when LoTW tells me that so far the results are:

You have 2,427 QSO records
You have 251 QSL records

That makes for less than 11% return.

That wouldn’t be so bad if it was the needed rare DX, but a quick scan shows only two additional countries from the effort, and those were from my previous call sign!

Remember I have had to tag the respective QSLs in the log, export them to adif format, then use TrustQSL to “Sign” these adif files with my “t12” all-in-one certificate, and then manually upload them to LoTW.

Well perhaps some QSO helped someone else with their WAS or something – at least I am hoping someone benefits for the amount of time spent.




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One thought on “LoTW Seems to have Worked

  1. k9zw says:

    I’v ebeen unclear – sorry – and left at least a few people concerned that I wouldn’t upload the rest of the K9ZW logs into LoTW.

    Over the next week or so I will get all the K9ZW logs to LoTW.

    As I understand it a seperate log & upload is needed for each QTH, making the last chunk a bit of a chore with something like eight various Island activations to edit out of the main K9ZW upload and to do seperately for LoTW.

    It will happen, but slowly,



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