WARC WARC – 12m Band Mods for the Alpha 78 Amp – Sorting out Disinformation from Facts

There is confusion over the WARC band suitability of many of the Amps you see in peoples’ shacks.

And there is a lot of disinformation – or more plainly “wrong information.”

I had amateurs tell me that the final MOSFET Transistors for the Hercules Amp I had were absolutely unavailable – none out there at any price.

When I showed them that RF Products not only had them priced in matched sets, but confirmed that they were in-stock and ready to ship they still preferred to cling to the “bad news” falsehoods they had picked up off the web.

Some of the same applies to working WARC Bands.

In each case an amateur is better off directly asking the manufacturer the suitability, the modifications needed and limitations of their Amp for WARC operations.

In some cases it appears that not everyone at a Manufacturer is on the same page, as I’ve run into with the Alpha-78 in respect to 12m operations.

Alpha publishes detailed 12m information at:


[Webpage is no longer active at the Alpha site, but the page’s text exists at Archive.org: http://web.archive.org/web/20080229025957/http://www.alpharadioproducts.com/html/warc_78_12m.htm ]

Yet I have had prospective buyers tell me that Alpha says no 12m for the Alpha 78.

Something just doesn’t jive.

Either a nameless person at Alpha is unfamiliar with their own published 12m notes or these prospective buyers are confused by the no-12m note in the Alpha Legacy Amp table of models.

In addition there are other professional conversions to safely add 12m ability to the Alpha 78.

So where does this disinformation come from?

  • The Internet (specially stale or orphaned pages)
  • Usenet
  • Word-of-mouth from others who may have never personally have seen one of the product XYZs, but they heard from another buddy that…..
  • Self-declared “experts” who again have no personal experience.
  • Scare-mongering isolated incidents incorrectly expanded into generalizations.
  • and other unattributable sources.

Over the years I have had fantastic service & enjoyment out of many bits of gear – rifles, airplanes, cars, motorbikes and radio gear, that had somehow received unwarranted bad press from a vocal few, usually all non-owners.

You can to if you do the research!





3 thoughts on “WARC WARC – 12m Band Mods for the Alpha 78 Amp – Sorting out Disinformation from Facts

  1. kg2v says:

    Hi Steve,
    The problem with the Alpha 78 and 12m is that the web page has been gone for years, and they currently say there is no 12m mod. I gather it went away when there was some change in management/ownership, and since then has been gone

    I WISH I had the info, as my 78 is sitting here, and I could REALLY use the power on 12m

  2. kg2v says:

    thanks. Other than the lack of 12M, I love my 78. Got it with a brand new set of tubes about 2 years ago

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