Catching Up on QSL Cards – part 1

I’m working at getting caught up with all arrears in QSL cards.

When I had my first call sign my log keeping in regards to QSL cards was poor. I tried a couple systems of tracking what I had sent, to whom and by what means, each progressively more complex and hence useless.

SO I have reissued the entire lot of KB9GPN cards through GlobalQSL , using special cards explaining why the cards some station will receive are duplicates.

I’ve also accepted the offer of help from the GlobalQSL team to develop a series of special QSL cards for the FIrst Time Island Activations. Cards for “Step-In Island” WI-039R should be into the printing cycle very shortly.

The basic design will be used for Hog Island, Pig Farm Island and Hobo Island. The second batch of seven islands to do first time activations might also use the same framework.

They are also do a WI9DX Club QSL card design.

Next up will be to upload the remaining K9ZW QSLs and then to sit down to do the manual exceptions that need to go direct.

This system might sound invokved, but it is so quick compared to doing cards by hand. I would say it frees up 95% of the time I would have used doing QSL cards.



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