For Sale – Alpha 78 – Price Adjusted

Inside the Alpha 78 (less Transfomer)


I’ve adjusted the price on QTH and here on the Alpha 78 to below what it would cost a person to have an Amp redone like this.

If you’re happy with second-best in your shack you certainly can scrounge an Alpha 78 with bad cosmetics and perhaps less assured in being up to snuff electronically for less.

Consider me picky, as I just don’t fancy having a shack full of rough gear at anything less than spot-on functionally.

Perhaps I should box this one up and save it for my planned second shack at work.

Thank you for looking!




2 thoughts on “For Sale – Alpha 78 – Price Adjusted

  1. k9zw says:

    The Amp has been re-advertised after being held for an amateur who was unable to come up with the monies (his XYL vetoed him buying ANY amp…).



  2. mike says:

    Hello Seller,
    Good day to you. I am Mike Jones, interested in purchasing this item of yours for my client. Is the item in good condition ? Payment will be made to you via Cashier’s check, Personal check or Money order. Don’t worry about the shipping of the item, cos once you recieve the check and get it cleared at your bank. You will have to deduct your item cost and wire the remaining money via western union to the shipping company address that I will provide to you okay. As soon as the shipping company confirm the payment, they will come for the pickup of the item. Kindly get back to me with the following information below where the check will be mailed out to okay.
    1. FULL NAME
    2. ADDRESS
    3. PHONE #
    I will be looking forward for your response.
    Many regards Mike Jones.

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