Dayton 2007 – Breakfast as the only one under 300 Countries

Ok this one wasn’t on the official list of Dayton activities, but is an example of the sort of fun that seems to happen spontaniously at Dayton!

On Saturday Morning I was invited to breakfast to hear about Collins Boat Anchors and to talk DX with several long time DXers – George W9EVT, Joe W9JUV and others who I didn’t catch their callsigns.

I was rather stunned to learn that all of these gents had well over 300 countries confirmed.

Of course all had been hams continuously since a time before I was born.

The commonality of their experience seemed to be:

 Stick-at-it – they all had spent years enjoying DXing

Awareness – they all seemed aware what DXpeditions were in the works.

Use of CW – every one of these gents were proficiant at CW, and used it.

Simply Equipment that WORKS, leaving twiddling & fussing to those more interested in technology than operating.

Shacks that were accessable or in the living space of their home – seems they kept their radios as close at hand as a pianist would keep their practice piano.

I am sure there were more lessons that I could have learned from these gentlemen, as the priviledge to hear how they did DX was a treat.

This is the second to last planned post of my Dayton notes – like this unplanned breakfast, my Dayton was full of 100’s of small bits of learning, lots of comradship and was a great time!



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