ARMAD 2007 Arrives!

ARMAD 2007 is upon us

For all of us involved with ARMAD 2007 who will be allowing our hobby to used as a tool to show thanks and appreciation to those that serve in the Military, and to our First Responders, let me first say thank you.

Our Troops, their families, our Veteran’s, Military Retired, and all First Responders deserve our support.

As Amateur Radio Operators we can display our appreciation, and allow the people from our communities to express messages that will help those that serve know that we care.

Let’s show the people from our communities what Amateur Radio is all about this weekend as they gather at these events to show support. For many it will be the first time they have been exposed to the hobby.

Some locations will offer fun things to do as we operate and make contacts around the world. These activities will draw people to this Amateur Radio sponsored event that normally would not have the opportunity to ever visit an Amateur Radio activity. Most Amateur Radio events are closed to the non – ham population.

As we look toward the future, we must attract new people to the hobby. ARMAD offers us that opportunity.

Have fun this weekend and work to make as many contacts as possible. Check in on the net frequencies, and also move off and call CQ on your own to work as many stations as you can so that we can allow our Troops, Veterans, and Retired Military members to hear uplifting messages that will boost morale, and let them know that America remembers and cares about them.

Many of us are also affected, as we have friends, relatives, and spouses that have served or are serving in some capacity. We will be using one of many tools to let them know that America Supports Them. Many Military Support Groups network so that they can display a united effort. During ARMAD we can do the same as we use the Amateur Radio bands.

We are asking Amateur Radio Operators to be on the air. All bands, all modes, and also are asking you to notify any Amateur Radio contacts that you have with Military Amateur Radio Clubs, Mars Operators, Veterans, and Retired. Ask them to be on the air to receive QSO’s from ARMAD locations, any other Ham’s on the air, and from non-hams that will be on for third party traffic. We want to have fun as we promote the hobby. We do not wish to bogg down the event with rules and regulations.

We have sent out requests to scores of Amateur’s and Clubs to boost activity on the air. Many Military Support Groups, and Non – Hams are very interested in learning more about our hobby, and they like the idea of expressing support over the air.
Some ARMAD locations will have special guests and activities to help make things go smoother as people observe our operation. These additions will draw people that would not normally attend an Amateur Radio event. This will give us the opportunity to recruit more Amateur Radio Operators.

Our main check in frequencies are listed under “Event-Info” on the webpage. However, the event is set up like Field Day. You can set up anyplace and call CQ with ARMAD as a suffix. Also you can locate ARMAD stations, and work or ragchew them.

Our main purpose is to use Amateur Radio as a tool to show thanks and appreciation to those that serve, and we also are trying to promote Ham Radio.

ARMAD includes all Colition Forces, First Responders, and Medical people that work hard to serve our communities.

Thanks again for a great event. Let’s “Ham It Up For The Troops”

Emery McClendon





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