Getting Out From Behind the Eight-Ball – Cards Uploaded to GlobalQSL

When a person is in the difficuly position, they are said to be “Behind the Eight Ball.”

In respect to getting out QSL cards, I am, or should I now say “I was”, seriously “Behind the Eight Ball.”

My choices were to continue piling up further QSOs (Contacts) knowing that the QSO confirming QSL cards were a long ways from betting researched, filled in & sent.

Or the other option was I could cut back or even stop operating for a week or so, to use my operating (and blogging) time to get my QSLs caught up.

Even though I have QSL cards, supplies and a decent system to manually do cards, I’ve decided to work with GlobalQSL to try their system to do my QSL cards.

Azar 4X6MI at GlobalQSL has been extremely helpful, working with me to plan how to organize K9ZW Home QTH, K9ZW WI-001L operations from the WI9DX Club QTH, and the upcoming four new Island activations expected QSO’s.

The GlobalQSL’s service looks to be solid and a winner.

GlobalQSL logo

I’ve uploaded as adif log-files the most recent arrears from my logs.

The totals I was actually behind were a bit higher than I expected.

GlobalQSL will be printing 944 QSL cards for me, which will be covering 1087 QSOs.

I have about 70 additional cards that either can’t be done via GlobalQSL because of lack of routing information or QSL managers, one that I found I had recorded with a typo in the call, or QSL cards I wanted to do manually.

I’m looking forward towards the feedback from the other stations how my QSL cards confirming our QSOs come out and work for them.

In the few weeks or so I’ll start looking into uploading the KB9GPN QSO’s that were never confirmed by QSL cards and the remaining K9ZW backlog.

Most importantly, if this works out well using GlobalQSL will freed me from 14-15 hours or more of manually doing QSL cards. That now becomes time I can spend operating on the air! Yeah!!

I can see doing the majority of my cards through GlobalQSL based on how much time their service will save me alone!



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