DXpedition Videos – The DXpedition & Contesting DVDs by 9V1YC – Part II

Lets take a look at another set of the excellent 9V1YC DXpedition DVD’s

Again there seemed little point in repeating what is so well said on the DX Videos Website, so I’ve quoted from the “official copy.”

There is a 2-part series-inside-a-series titled “The Micro-Lite DXpedition.”

Part one is the 2002 visit to

South Sandwich VP8THU - South Sandwich Islands

Described by Captain James Cook as the most horrible place on Earth, the South Sandwich Islands are also one of the most logistically difficult places for a DXpedition. Using only 100 watts and verticals, this experienced team took on the South Atlantic’s tough environmental challenge by heading to Southern Thule – the planet’s most southerly piece of land outside the Antarctic Treaty Zone.Operating within the remains of an old Argentine base, (and amongst 100,000 penguins!) this video documents how a super-lightweight expedition set out to bring back the fun of old-time DXpeditions!

And Part II continues to

South Georgia Islands VP8GEO - South Georgia Islands

The Antarctic DX Oasis

In Part 2 of the “Micro-Lite” DXpedition, the team fires up the stations once again, this time from the beautiful Antarctic paradise of South Georgia!From the adventurous James Cook, to the unstoppable Earnest Shackelton, discover why South Georgia has been the Antarctic’s most famous – and most exploited island for over 200 years. Then go behind the scenes with the operators to learn all the secrets behind “Micro-Lite” DXpeditioning, and why this time the team decided to leave the heavy stuff at home!

A quarter of the series is not Island Hopping, and this next volume is a rare look at the sport of Radio Contesting at the

WRTC Finland 2002 – Amateur Radio’s Olympic Games WRTC Finland 2002

Amateur Radio’s Olympic Games

Continuing an idea that began in Seattle in 1990 with the first WRTC games, this “contest within a contest” was designed to determine the world’s best operators under near identical QTH, propagation and station conditions.This video includes colorful footage of Finland in summer, all the lead-up events, 3D animated graphics of quarterly top-ten listings, and extensive real-time contesting action shot on multiple cameras. Additional DVD features include post-contest score breakdowns, historical WRTC archive, and the full competitor rulebook.

Again exceptional production by Nine-V Post makes these desired additions to any Radio Amateur’s DVD collection.



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