Let the Machine do the Work – GlobalQSL QSL Printing Service

EDIT August 2022 – With the passing of GlobalQSL’s founders the service ceased operation circa 2020.  More at the comments of https://k9zw.wordpress.com/2022/08/03/an-unusual-qsl-batch/

Being SO far behind doing QSL cards, with 700 plus cards in arrears, that it is either taking a break from operating to do QSL cards or looking for some other way to do real QSL cards.

While researching QSO direct printing onto preprinted QSL cards a solution appeared.

Custom printed QSL cards directly printed with the QSO information from my logs.

Enter GlobalQSL’s service

GlobalQSL logo

GlobalQSL also arranges the delivery of the cards!

In the next few days GlobalQSL card designs will be done, the needed logs uploaded, and my 700-800 card backlog should be down to a handful I prefer to do as direct QSL cards.

Will also be sending several hundred KB9GPN cards out that I never did “way back when.”

While setting up my account GlobalQSL indicated I had inbound cards through their service, so a report on how that works should follow shortly!

Edit – I’ve just completed designing and sending the first 554 cards.  I’ve had to ask how to handle my US Island operations within their system, which means holding back three hundred cards owed from WI-001L. Overall the process was quick and easy.  Now to see how well it works, but I can tell you I am relieved to halve my QSL card backlog in twenty minutes!!!!  I’ve reserved an additional 40 QSOs out of this first batch of 659 to do manually.  The final card count is lower as multiple QSOs with the same station can be printed on a single QSL card.

Edit – Sent another 105 cards for printing. Still working on sorting out the Island Operations issue. Received a very nice email with two strategies to handle the Island cards. Expect those will have to wait for a couple days. Having 659 cards done in less than an hour’s time, of which much was spent to designing the QSL cards for the first time, is awesome. Now to see if things turn out ok.



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