Switching With Authority – The AmpKeyer HF Transceiver/Amplifier Interface

Periodically I would either get on air reports or hear it in the shack. RF getting out of my Alpha 78 amp and into either my transmitted audio or into the station audio.

The problem seems worse using a Pegasus than with a Jupiter, but simply won’t go away.

Research suggests that the combination of the TenTec radios with amplifiers expecting a different method of switching between Transmit & Receive inside the Transceiver is a combination prone to RF float problems.

Ok, so with an idea of what was causing the problem, the TenTec rigs use a transistor to switch between TX/RX where tha Alpha expects the transceiver to have the protection of an actual RF switching relay.

So how to fix it?

Home brewing an interface seems a simple enough option, but by the time one searches for all the parts, pays the shipping and spends the time, there would seem there should be an easier way, right?

Enter the AmpKeyer HF Interface from The Heathkit Shop

AmpKeyer HF Interface

They even chose to show the AmpKeyer with a rig like mine.

AmpKeyer with a TenTec Jupiter

Sounds simple enough of a solution!

Having over two dozen perfect 5 out of 5 reviews at eHam is reassuring.

Having a PayPal option made this a couple keystrokes to order.

I’ll have the needed power from the back of the TenTec and the installation should be straight forward.

These units are popular enough that they have been on backorder, so hopefully Mike WB8VGE will be able to supply one in short order.

Full report once the AmpKeyer arrives and is wired in!




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