OMISS – A Gentleperson’s Net found on 40 meters

While working with the Sloper and looking for any other station to give me a signal report, I stumbled on a very friendly sounding net that was more than willing to give me the needed feedback by way of a radio report.

OMISS Logo Part 2

They were more than just sounding inviting and friendly, they are truly welcoming.

OM International Sideband Society (OMISS) has existed as a regular multi-band net for over 25 years, doing Nets, Awards, a Bureau Service and basically being “good folk.”


Admission to the ranks is pretty straight forward, during scheduled nets a person needs to make two QSOs with members who will become their sponsors & fill out an application. A small honorarium fee covers your required membership fees for life, though one would expect additional contributions would be welcome.

These good folk have a variety of net opportunties, with the current schedule of:

OMISS Net Schedule as of March 2007

You can find out more about OMISS at their website OMISS Net Website



2 thoughts on “OMISS – A Gentleperson’s Net found on 40 meters

  1. Jeff KE9V says:

    It is a good bunch of Ops. I’m OMISS #4381 so you *know* they are good! :-)

    73 de Jeff

  2. k9zw says:

    Fillay got around to doing my OMISS application. Checked in tonight to get a few fresh OMISS contacts.

    Net control Homer ND8F couldn’t have been more helpful or more the gentleman!

    Should have an OMISS number soon.



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