What are you going to Learn Today? – Amateur Radio with the Right Attitude

 How did you start your day today? 


So many of us, whether on the Radio, or just in life as general, sell ourselves short as to what we can learn today.  We can have the same day, same opportunities, same experiences, and end up with one day calling them drudgery and the next calling them opportunities!

Amateur Radio with the right attitude makes mere experiences into Adventures!

I know an amateur who a couple years back received an OO Notice – an Official Observer Notice that he had operated out of band.  Seduced by a 6Y (Jamaican) station operating Single Side Band Phone outside of the SSB allocation this amateur tuned in and had a short QSO with the 6Y station.  He never realized it at the time (or so they’ve told me) but when the OO noticed arrived a check of the logs confirmed the error.

Sample ARRL OO Notice - hope you never get one!

What for many of us would have been a big downer, the receipt of an official chastisement for messing up, was turned around by attitude.  This Amateur contacted the OO, confirmed he had erred and after discussion learned that he was one of dozens of stations that had made the same error that contest weekend. 

With encouraging words from the OO the amateur explored why the goof, and gained a complete understanding of what went on, why and how to prevent it again.

Further the Amateur took initiative and decided that this minor lesson should be an inspiration to learn the rules, completed an upgrade to Amateur Extra, and placed in the top handful in the next contest they operated in.

For them it was all about attitude.  Their error was humbly admitted and used as motivation to “get with it” and advance.

I’m told that the amateur keeps the OO Warning Card as the first card in their QSL Card collection, as a reminder that you are never too old, too wise or too experienced to learn more!

What are you going to learn today?  Are you into Amateur Radio with the “right attitude”?



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