Confirming Impressions – Printing QSL Cards

A QSL (Confirmation) Card Exchange is often referred to as the “final courtesy” following a QSO (Radio Contact & Information Exchange) between Amateur Stations.

 What to do when you need QSL Cards?

I have a couple QSL Card Designs I use – a larger sized card that does require the use of a #2 Sharpie Marker to fill out (due to the paper type) that I designed on-line and had printed very quickly by iPrint Logo

The iPrint process was quick, all on-line, and I had cards in a few days.  The card size is full 4 x 6 postcard size, so these cards will not work in the smaller nesting envelopes, but on the up side they can be very colorful.  At usual order volumes these cards are pricier than the dedicated QSL card print houses, but very quick & very convenient. 

My card face from the card I designed on iPrint looks like this:

One of the K9ZW QSL Card Designs

eHam Logo  eHam.nethas user reiews for quite a number of QSL printers at: the heading “QSL printers; callsign badge engravers; etc.”

My other K9ZW card was done by one of the printers reviewed – UX5UO – their review is at and the UX5UO QSL Website is  UX5UO Logo

My UX5UO cards were much less costly than the iPrint versions, but did take several weeks to design and another month for printing & shipping.

 A third alternative is to use a local printer.  I’ve had good luck with doing simple cards locally, and all the cards for my original callsign (KB9GPN) were printed locally.  Costs & Quality are much more flexible working with someone local.



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