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With Flex-6700 Heading Off for US Island Activation 2 - July - 2013

Posted by k9zw in Amateur Radio, Flex-6000, FlexRadio Systems, K9ZW, K9ZW Just Rambled, US Islands.
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George W9EVT is hosting us for a few days on WI-001L Washington Island to let me try the Flex-6700 in an exceptionally RF quiet location with his world class antenna farm.

Software on a thumb drive and radio in its shipping box we’re off for the couple hour drive, then 30 minutes ferry ride to Washington Island.

Will be on periodically for the next several days, depending on what days I need to be home and which I can be up there.

Catch you on the air!



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1. Randy K7AGE - 2 - July - 2013

It is so much nicer with only the ‘thin client’ on the pc, rather than what you needed before the 6700. Have fun.

2. k9zw - 3 - July - 2013

Great ride up, followed by a super nice ferry ride. Arrived too late to set up the Flex-6700 and instead worked DX with George W9EVT’s IC-7800 for my “daily dose.”

Will try to put a post up when the 6700 goes live here.



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