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K9YA Telegraph 9 - April - 2012

Posted by k9zw in Amateur Radio, K9ZW, K9ZW Just Rambled.
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Each month I enjoy reading the on-line pdf K9YA Telegraph.

While not full of timely news – this not anothe “Newsline” – it is full of numerous historic and human interest amateur radio of the most wholesome types!

K9YA Telegraph

The Good News About Amateur Radio

It’s Free, It’s Fun, It’s All About Ham Radio

The K9YA Telegraph is a free, monthly, general interest amateur radio publication read by hams in more than 100 countries.

The K9YA Telegraph contains the stories and features most wanted by our subscribers because it is written by our subscribers. An e-Zine, it is delivered monthly as a full-color PDF file.

If you’re in the mood for Morse, hankering for history, gluttonous for gear, ravished for a review, needing nostalgia, or just plain famished for fun, you’ll find it in the K9YA Telegraph.

Link URL: K9YA Telegraph.

Hope you enjoy the K9YA Telehraph too!



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1. Jeff, KE9V - 9 - April - 2012

Pity it’s published by a secret society…

k9zw - 9 - April - 2012

Shh…. they might be watching!

Speaking of Secret societies, any follow ups to Corn Bread Row planned?



2. Jeff, KE9V - 9 - April - 2012

Just share the link to one of their e-letters and see how quick a court ordered injunction shows up at your QTH!

Nothing new on CBR – next project is ‘Late Night Radio’. Full-length novel with ham radio smack in the middle…

73 de Jeff

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