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A Ham’s Guide to RFI, Ferrites, Baluns, and Audio Interfacing 26 - January - 2012

Posted by k9zw in Amateur Radio, K9ZW, K9ZW Just Rambled.
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Just printed a copy (6o some pages) and reading – looks very good:

A Ham’s Guide to RFI, Ferrites, Baluns, and Audio Interfacing

Revision 5a 5 Jun 2010 by Jim Brown K9YC

Audio Systems Group, Inc. http://audiosystemsgroup.com

The basis of this tutorial is a combination of my engineering education, 55 years in ham radio, my work as vice-chair of the AES Standards Committee working group on EMC, and extensive re- search on RFI in the pro audio world where I’ve made my living. That work is documented in tech- nical papers and tutorials that can be downloaded from the publications section of my website.




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1. Mike VE3WDM - 26 - January - 2012

Good evening Steve, thanks for the link I printed it off and am going to give it a read tomorrow.

2. Alan AC0AC - 7 - March - 2012

STEVE, many thanks for going to the trouble to link to this most useful educational eBook. 73, Alan AC0AC

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