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Great Podcast – TWIARi – This Week in Amateur Radio International 29 - March - 2010

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A Good Podcast Listen:

This Week In Amateur Radio International (TWIARi) is a music, sound effect and broadcast grade version of TWIAR (This Week In Amateur Radio) that each week originally airs on WBCQ, broadcasting on 7415 Mhz.

Adjusted to fit the one-hour broadcast time slot TWIARi is not intended for rebroadcast on Amateur Frequencies where the Music and other effects are not allowed. The full feature and broadcast audio ply very wll over my truck’s sound system while I drive, and are are much less “sterile” than the voice-only TWIAR Amateur Radio Transmission versions.

http://twiar.org/international.html or from the Podcast Download Portal at http://www.kxkvi.blogspot.com/




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1. Mike Herr - 30 - March - 2010

I have to disagree. I use to listen to TWIAR and switched to TWIARI. Now it too is just too much sound effects, too many repeats, long introductions of nothing. I now advance my mp3 player over the junk, so the hour podcast gets cut down to about 20 minutes. It also is rarely available on time.

IMHO – Amateur Radio Newsline is much, much better

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