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Flex-5000A on Digital – First PSK on the New Flex-Radio at K9ZW 29 - November - 2008

Posted by k9zw in Amateur Radio.
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Took a few minutes (would be quicker if I read the directions) to set up the Flex-5000A to use MixW and a neat internal interface called “VAC” (Virtual Audio cables) to set up the Flex-5000A for Digital Mode.

Here is a screen shot:


First Flex Digital at K9ZW

First Flex Digital at K9ZW

I’ve a ways to go to make this all work as I would like it to.

BTW with the speed of the new machine it looks like all my logs could be merged.  I had avoided this on the old XP Box as it was easily overwhelmed whenever my logfile got big.

For details on the setup using MixW and VAC see the Knowledge Base and Manuals at Flex-Radio.



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1. Jeff, KE9V - 30 - November - 2008

It will be especially cool to read how you operated this setup remotely via a Net connection. That’s my hope for when I travel again next year — that I can remotely connect to my home PC that is running the radio and enjoy some digital mode ops from the hotel room wherever I happen to be.

Have fun!

73 de Jeff

2. Paul, AE5JU - 30 - November - 2008

I’ll have PSK31 working on my rig soon. We’ll have to try a QSO.

And you can teach me all about Hellschrieber.

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