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Planning 2008 for “With Varying Frequency” Blog 31 - December - 2007

Posted by k9zw in Amateur Radio, K9ZW Just Rambled.

Looking into 2008 I’ve planned some minor changes for “With Varying Frequency” which I hope will improve the quality for the several hundreds of readers each day:

  • Less Posts – will be trying to not double/triple post in a day, rather planning to post once every couple days.
  • A few Guest Posts -as I’ve asked a few very talented folk who do not blog to write a couple guest articles.
  • Simplified Look – Most likely with less Categories and on-page clutter.
  • Stubs for Loosely connected Posts – The main posts for The Rambling Series and A Good Read Series will move to a sister blog “Random Hold” and only a short stub post will appear here.
  • Some Experiments – Expect a couple trial-balloons checking the waters for interviews of other amateurs, a few more focused gear reviews, a New Ham Series and a few other trial posts.

Should be fun.  With Varying Frequency started as an experiment to see if I could improve my writing, to show my children that I could work the technology and to share the bits of knowledge others had shared with me.

Looking to 2008 !! Here, Here !!



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1. Jeff, KE9V - 31 - December - 2007

Thanks for all your hard work in 2007 Steve, we’re looking forward to 2008.

Happy New Year!

73 de Jeff

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