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Going Back in Time – “Time Machine” on the Macbook 30 - October - 2007

Posted by k9zw in The Rambling Series.
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The OS-X Leopard Time Machine Browser

A quick jot about the impressions of the Time Machine feature of OS-X 10.5 Leopard.

Apple has given me the tools to dissect my computing. 

  1. OS-X “Spaces” gives me the Linux-Like multiple desktops open for one user.
  2. Bootcamp” gives me the OS-X or Windows choice.
  3. and “Time Machine” gives me the dimension of being able to work with a file in its various past incarnations.

So my computing options are like a 3-D matrix – easy navigation through which Operating System, which Work Space and which point in time Back & Forth through Time Machine.

And most importantly after blowing up a couple hard disks is the full backup that resides on my Time Machine serviced External Drive.

Pretty neat options and rather well implemented.



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