Ham not Scam Proof – Fake Spoof ARRL Emails

Went to the ARRL website to check on what is new and found an ARRL Alert about Worm/Trojan Installing Scam Emails faked to look like they came from the ARRL:

 Attention All Amateurs…

Do not follow instructions in bogus “arrl.net user support team” e-mails (Mar 30, 2007) — The ARRL is alerting members — and especially users of the ARRL E-Mail Forwarding Service — about bogus e-mails that claim to be from the “arrl.net user support team.” There is no such entity, and the messages do not originate with ARRL but appear to be coming from outside the US. Recipients should not follow the instructions in the e-mail, which reads, “We have received reports that your e-mail account has been used to send a large amount of unsolicited commercial email messages during this week. We suspect that your computer had been infected by a recent virus and now contains a hidden proxy server. We recommend you to follow our instructions in order to keep your computer safe.” Following the instructions will have the opposite effect, however, infecting your computer with the MyDoom Trojan worm and making it part of a spamming network. The League urges all members to invest in and use anti-virus software.

As always as internet users we all need to be alert for these relentless attempts to steal our identity information and take over our computers with malware!



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