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When Enough Voices Speak, They Will be Heard – ARRL Backs Off Pactor/ALE/RTTY Band Free-for-All 30 - March - 2007

Posted by k9zw in K9ZW Just Rambled.

As I had discussed in a previous article – Delay Centrifugal Destruct Factors for as long as possible then push the button.’ – Proposals to Unlease Pactor and Robot Stations Full Bands – the ARRL had through revisions of a previously submitted docket and emergency meetings with the FCC proposed to allow Robot Stations basically anywhere on any band.

They have heard the voices of their members, the Amateur Radio community and the Amateur Radio Bloggers.

And they have recanted, dropping the proposed free-for-all in the HF bands excepting 10m & 6m bands.

It is easier to understand if you read the ARRL’s press release with the context that this was a revised position to their secret/emergency revision that landed the league in the midst of a fractionalized Amateur Community.

It is tremendous that the ARRL heard its members and so quickly responded, specially as it did mean backpedalling on a fairly radical position they had gone out on a limb to promote.



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1. Jack - 30 - March - 2007

Thanks for keeping us informed. I filed a comment with the FCC immediately after reading the post last Saturday. I read about 50 random comments and did not find one comment in favor of the Leagues filing. Keep up the good work.

73 . . . Jack . . . n2ndj

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